The Company

Illumilab is a company that designs and manufactures LED lighting technologies , particularly specialized in the production of LED crosses for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies .
Our new cross for pharmacies is designed for a long and productive life , rather than the precision millimeter ( microns – metric ) in positioning each electronic component , the LED tile finish, because for us every detail counts .
The result is a thin and lightweight cross for pharmacy, reliable and attractively designed . Illumilab also produces : LED signs with lettering to front lighting , backlighting and the latest channel letters illuminated 360 ° front , side and rear screens , and lighting devices to large industrial and commercial areas , public lighting led .

Specialists in LED applications

The high brightness and low power consumption , the fade and evolvenza between one color gamut , are all elements that make it a ‘ technologically advanced luminous sign , guaranteeing a great visual impact .
In summary, the LED becomes visible your business, uses very little electricity and energy lasts over time , so that’s why the votra future choice . Illumilab also offers a range of LED and control system solutions constantly evolving to ensure not only the quality an increasingly innovative service .